Glomatriz is a leading robotic process automation (RPA) and AI solution provider known for its business-centric approach and its unique full-cycle automation tech innovations is bringing profitable impact on business. Unlike cognitive intelligence, RPA software deals with simpler, repetitive, routine tasks that do not require tacit knowledge or judgement, the tasks that can be coded to give instructions to the computer or software to act on and can be carried out quickly and accurately by software and frees workforce to focus on cognitive activities requiring intelligence, judgement, emotions and interaction. RPA software can come in the form of highly customized software designed for certain process or it can be scalable, customizable enterprise-wide software. This offers multiple business benefits like any other automation effort does in relieving stress, eliminating labour, reducing costs, improving performance and productivity. Glomatriz RPA & AI team helps companies in their RPA considerations to improve business operations, optimize knowledge work, and increase the scale and speed of RPA-enabled activities.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software

  • Predictable and consistent.
  • Available every hour of the day.
  • Works even when nobody is around.
  • Multiple times faster than humans.
  • Highly accurate (no human-errors).
  • Very cost-effective (get more with less).
  • Easily scalable (flexible for peaks and lulls).
  • Staff can be deployed for higher-value tasks.
  • Compatible with existing technology

What can A.I. robotic process automation (RPA) Software do?

RPA software robots are capable of:

  • Filling forms and generating reports.
  • Entering/ transferring data.
  • Accessing/ moving files and folders
  • Checking emails/ downloading attachments.
  • (A.I.) Sorting emails into different categories.
  • (A.I.) Extracting names of persons/ companies from a body of text.
  • Logging in to online applications/ web and extracting or inserting data.
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