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SAP s/4 HANA Cloud


Why SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

In a world where cloud first is the path forward, SAP S/4HANA Cloud is taking ERP into the digital age. It is the intelligent cloud ERP from the trusted market leader that delivers the latest innovations and unparalleled industry expertise. With SAP S/4HANA Cloud you have the confidence to grow and change at any speed, with a real-time view of your business and the ability to act instantly and wisely on that insight. Outlined below are the top five value areas for SAP S/4HANA Cloud


Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

A cloud solution that provides faster value realization for IT and the business

Increased Business Agility

An agile cloud solution that helps consume innovation(s) with minimal effort and adapts to dynamic business needs



More Intelligent Cloud ERP

Intelligent ERP that acts as your copilot, eliminating repetitive tasks & making suggestions based on business patterns and employee behaviour

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A fully managed ERP cloud solution that makes deployment, configuration, and maintenance simpler, faster, and less expensive



Improved Governance & Compliance

A foolproof cloud solution where the value is achieved not only through technology, but also through governance, security, and transformation

Improved Business Agility

Faster delivery of innovation

  • Easy integration to existing SAP and non-SAP investments. Out-of-the-box connectivity to other SAP cloud products, such as SAP Ariba and SAP SuccessFactors solutions
  • Easy-to-manage customer-specific integration scenarios – customizations with minimal impact to existing system functionalities

Infinite possibilities

  • Supports cloud combinations (hybrid approach) with on-premise systems, and other cloud offerings, coexisting in a business environment
  • Provides the ability to scale up the cloud footprint as needed
  • Supports M&A activities: feasibility analysis, business process consolidation, and IT system integration

Seamless integrations

  • Broader value proposition with quarterly innovation cycles
  • New features and services in each cycle that help customers meet their business needs faster
  • Minimal time and effort to keep the application up to date with the latest software release and features

Faster Return on Investment (ROI)

Faster time to value

  • Move your IT at the speed of your business with standard best-practice content for all key business functions
  • Rapidly deploy SAP S/4HANA Cloud across the organization, with the possibility of a two-tier deployment approach for subsidiaries and divisions

Increased automation with digital assistant

  • Achieve zero-touch processes with the SAP® CoPilot digital assistant
  • Drive actions and decisions at the speed of thought with machine learning

Rich user experience

  • Improve productivity and employee buy in with ready-to-use applications
  • Reduce training time and enable fast user actions and decisions with the solution’s intuitive interface and responsive design

More Intelligent Cloud ERP

Intelligent innovation with machine learning

  • Intelligent services based on machine learning algorithms, such as integration with SAP Cash Application software to automate the invoice matching process and provide prediction results back to SAP S/4HANA Cloud

End-to-end business process coverage

  • Successful digital transformation of business processes across the enterpriseSuccessful digital transformation of business processes across the enterprise
  • Standard best practices that are available for rapid global deployment
  • SaaS solution that includes procurement, sales, finance, supply chain, and HR business areasSaaS solution that includes procurement, sales, finance, supply chain, and HR business areas

Self-service intelligence with contextual analytics

  • Built-in, enriched analytical capabilities creating many “mini” CEOs and CFOs
  • Actionable insights to quicken decisions, maximize resources, and drive profitability
  • Instant visibility into every aspect of the business to move beyond automation to intelligent, predictive suggestions delivered in context to users

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Subscription-based model

  • No upfront cost or initial investment with pay-as-you-use model; shift from license and maintenance to subscription
  • Transition from capital expense to operating expense to free up funds for other business priorities

Rapid deployment and efficient operations

  • Go live in matter of weeks, saving huge project and deployment costs
  • Lower costs for support and training by freeing up resources to perform more value-added tasks
  • Rapidly activate solution capabilities when you need them, even after your initial go-live

Simplified architecture

  • Virtualized infrastructure for customers, reducing their ownership and maintenance cost
  • Minimal investment in time and resources to handle infrastructure and platform

Legal and regulatory compliance

  • Local regulatory compliance with tax support, accounting rules, and preconfigured audit reporting
  • Legal compliance with respect to data residency as per regional requirements
  • Quarterly releases help ensure that organizations stay up to date on compliance regulations

Cloud governance

  • Intuitive dashboard for comprehensive identity and access governance capabilities, improving user productivity
  • Reduced cost and complexity of access governance and compliance for business users and auditors

Safe in the cloud

  • Legal requirements and privacy concerns addressed with respect to data protection
  • Built-in disaster recovery to ensure business continuity; no risk for mission-critical financial processes

Improved Governance and Compliance

Key Capabilities

Finance – Consolidate financial, managerial, and operational data into a single source and accelerate performance with real-time processes and analytics.

Procurement – Innovate procurement processes to reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency, while improving contract renegotiation and compliance processes with predictive analytics.

Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management – Manage projects more efficiently with accurate reporting of cost forecasting, status and timelines using SAP CoPilot as an Intelligent Project assistant.

Sales – Give your marketing and sales teams the insights they need to accelerate productivity and sales performance, and have relevant conversations and interactions from anywhere.

Professional Services – Improve performance with real-time financial management, and increase efficiency with end-to-end global project control and operational visibility.

Component Manufacturing – Build world class customer centricity, production excellence, and manage supply chains based on real- time customer demand.

Steps to the future

Starting the SAP S/4HANA Cloud journey

Beyond SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Integrations and extensions

Extend (cloud apps) – Quickly add new functionalities to your existing SAP S/4HANA Cloud to optimize your
existing investments.

Integrate (your apps and data) – Connect to your SAP S/4HANA Cloud and other apps to eliminate data silos and make digital access simple, secure, and scalable. Native integrations available for SAP Ariba, SAP C/4HANA, SAP Fieldglass, Concur, SAP Financial Services Network, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Build (brand new cloud apps) – Rapidly build and run new cloud apps to solve new problems, engage new customers,
and drive new revenue